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Your wholesaler of fancy earrings

On our online sales site, you will find original earrings to please all your customers! Let yourself be tempted by the many models available for women: dangling earrings, with rhinestones, feathers, clips for non-pierced ears, round hoops, oval rings, discreet earrings ... As a supplier, we offer you all the tastes in terms of earrings to satisfy your customers.

Made of surgical stainless steel, sometimes adorned with zirconium oxide stones, our pairs of buckles are durable and non-allergic. Our wholesale prices are unbeatable, do not hesitate to order from our online store!


A pair of earrings for all occasions!

Our ladies' earrings will satisfy all your customers. Among women's jewelry, this is undoubtedly the accessory that most sublimates the face by making it possible to lengthen the neck, shine and attract light to the cheekbones. Elegant and glamorous, creole, dormeuse, twisted, openwork or gold earrings add the finishing touch to an outfit.

Your customers will be able to express their femininity with our ear jewelry whatever their style, bohemian, ethnic or chic. Wearing curls is a great way to accessorize any outfit in a snap.


Bring novelty to your customers

Our wide range of earrings allows you to regularly renew the collections and displays of your jewelry store. You will find everything on our online sales site: from chic to minimalist earrings, including colorful, feminine or understated earrings.

Let yourself be tempted and order sleeper earrings, feather earrings, shamballa, earrings of all colors (coral, green, turquoise, brown, two-tone, multicolored, gold ...) and of all shapes (asymmetric, teardrop, diamond…). Our low prices allow you to buy in bulk at low cost to regularly bring new jewelry to your loyal customers that they can match with their clothes and other fashion accessories.


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