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Moda Server Pro: your scarf wholesaler at low prices!

As a supplier, we offer you a wide choice of women's scarves that will brighten up a rather classic dressy outfit. We receive new models very regularly for the greatest pleasure of your customers.

The scarf is perfect for mid-season, to keep you warm and not risk catching a cold by leaving your neck uncovered. It is the essential accessory of any feminine wardrobe. Discover the many elegant scarves that we offer on our store at wholesale price!


The scarf: the must-have accessory for mid-season

Wearing a scarf around your neck helps protect yourself from the cold in spring or fall, but it is also an opportunity to accessorize an outfit that is too simple. Your customers can wear it around their necks or be more daring.

A large scarf can be tied around the hips to dress jeans and replace a traditional belt. Tied around a handbag, the scarf enhances the originality of an outfit made entirely of lace, leopard print or floral print. In this case, your client can match her pretty scarf with her favorite in her hair or with the design of her t-shirt or blouse.

In summer, an oversized woman's scarf can also be converted into a sarong: a pair of sandals and your clients are ready for the beach! The scarf is a true women's fashion accessory that will adapt perfectly to all your clients' everyday outfits, from the most classic to the most extravagant.


Unbeatable value for money on our large collection of scarves!

Our scarves are made with the greatest care in quality materials. You will find scarves in silk and cotton for a great refinement, in pure silk for more finesse and softness or in viscose to pass easily to the machine.

Your customers will have the choice between many plain colors: light gray stole, plain navy blue, beige, white scarf, khaki, turquoise blue scarf, dark brown, ecru, coral, red scarf, pastel purple, pale pink scarf, camel, mustard , sky blue, black scarf, old pink ...

Our fancy silk scarves and squares are also adorned with colorful geometric patterns and various prints: floral, two-tone, ethnic, gradient, sequined, sequined, multicolored, with feathers or butterflies, checks, stripes, polka-dot print scarf, jacquard, fringed shawl ...

Women's silk scarf, rectangle, triangle, bandana or large square, scarf in cotton or mixed with a synthetic material, there is something for everyone on our Moda Server Pro store and at wholesale prices. You made the right choice: the scarf is a timeless fashion accessory! Order without further delay ...


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