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Moda Server Pro: your lipstick and gloss wholesaler

Are you looking for a trusted partner to buy quality makeup at low prices for your cosmetics shop? Moda Server Pro is an online supplier that delivers everywhere in Europe no minimum of purchase.

We offer a wide range of quality lip makeup products at discount prices that are unbeatable in the wholesale makeup market. Discover our make-up products and make your choice to satisfy your female customers and allow them to enhance their natural beauty.


All lip cosmetics at low prices!

On our online site, you will find our best products from different inexpensive makeup brands to please all your customers and allow you to make an attractive margin on resale.

Thanks to regular arrivals, discover our lipsticks in different shades, with more or less strong pigmentation depending on the models you choose for your customers. You will also find glosses to bring shine, a natural glow and an immediate healthy glow effect to your clients.

Depending on the arrivals, you can also find a lip pencil model for the lip contour or a lip stick model for easier application.


Red lipstick and gloss for a glamorous makeup

The entire range of lip makeup that we offer online is intended for professional retailers. Do not hesitate to give advice to your clients for makeup. This will help them to choose their makeup product for a sophisticated result or a natural makeup.

Lip make-up allows you to redraw a mouth that is too thin and naturally illuminate luscious lips. The first advice to give is to start from a good base. Beautiful lips start with regular gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and continuous moisturization. Clear or tinted lip balm is a must-have in any makeup bag.

To prolong the hold of a lipstick, it is also advisable to apply foundation on the lips, as well as a transparent pencil around the lips for a long lasting lipstick. The application of lipstick or gloss can be done with a brush for more precision and after application, it is recommended to dab the lips with a neutral loose powder for an infallible long-lasting hold.

Order our lip makeup products now! And also discover our nail polishes, our eye shadows, our foundations, our make-up brushes...


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