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Ambient spray and fabrics - Vanilla - 714761 - ModaServerPro
Ambient spray and fabrics - Vanilla - 714761 M1 ModaServerPro
Ambient spray and fabrics - Vanilla - 714761 M1 ModaServerPro
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Ambiance perfume for car - Vanilla - 714785 M1 ModaServerPro
Ambiance perfume for car - Vanilla - 714785 M1 ModaServerPro
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Spray for car - Vanilla - 714778 M1 ModaServerPro
Spray for car - Vanilla - 714778 M1 ModaServerPro
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Mikado - Vanilla - 714754 M1 ModaServerPro
Mikado - Vanilla - 714754 M1 ModaServerPro

Dr Zoo: Your Expert Solution for a Fresh Interior without Animal Odors

Welcome to Moda Server Pro, the undisputed home fragrance wholesaler and one of the leaders in the distribution of quality home fragrance. Our mission is clear: transform your home into an olfactory haven of peace, even in the presence of our four-legged friends. We understand the importance of harmonious, odor-free coexistence with our beloved pets. This is where the Dr. Zoo brand comes into play, specializing in the care and treatment of odors left by our dear companions.

Imagine an interior where the air is purified, where each breath is a breath of freshness, despite the playful presence of your dog or the elegant indifference of your cat. This is the promise of Dr. Zoo, with its products scrupulously evaluated by expert professionals, guaranteeing not only an environment free of any unwanted odor but also total respect for your animal. With our range of products – Mikado, Home Spray, car perfume, and many others – say goodbye to bad odors and hello to an interior where well-being and serenity reign.


Dr. Zoo Innovative Products

The fight against unwanted odors left by our pets is finally over thanks to Dr. Zoo innovative olfactory arsenal. We are proud to present to you the effective trio that will revolutionize the air in your home: Mikado, Spray and car perfume. It's not just a name on a label, it's a small revolution in your living room. Our products are the result of a lot of head scratching and testing, to bring you a solution that delivers. And when we say heavy, that’s three times nothing less than what others offer you. Our credo? We don't hide odors, we chase them away for good! So, yes, your house will smell nice and clean, but that's because we've done everything we can to ensure that these little odor bugs don't last long. It's your ally for a home that always smells fresh, without doing things by halves!

Each product in the range has been designed with a specific objective. The Mikado is perfect for continuous, subtle and elegant diffusion, ideal for living rooms. Sprays, for their part, offer an immediate and targeted solution, perfect for use after your animals have passed through certain areas of the house. And for those who want to take that freshness on the go, our car fragrances are the essential traveling companions, transforming every journey into a pleasant olfactory experience.

Choosing the right product can seem confusing, but we make this decision easy. We know that each house has its own unique touch, and each animal has its own little character. That's why our product descriptions are super detailed: to help you find the perfect match for your home. Whether you're looking for a spray that will refresh Médor's favorite place, or a little something to make Minou's space always smell like spring, we're here for it. We have even thought of solutions for the whole house, so that everyone can breathe pure and serene air. And then, because we love animals as much as you do, we promise you gentle products that 100% respect the health of your furry companions. With Dr. Zoo, breathe easy, we take care of everything!


Practical Tips for Using Dr. Zoo Products

To get the most out of the products, it is essential to follow some practical tips that will guarantee an interior that is always fresh and welcoming. First, the use of anti-odor spray must be both judicious and strategic. A good tip is to spray after regular cleaning, targeting areas where your pets spend the most time. This will maintain the effectiveness of the product for longer and ensure a pleasant atmosphere throughout the house.

Regarding the placement of air fresheners like the Mikado, favor central spaces in the house or near the remaining places of your pets. This contributes to a constant and even diffusion of the perfume. For car scents, it's ideal to place them where air circulates freely, allowing the scent to spread effectively without being overwhelming.

Maintenance is also a crucial aspect to maintain maximum efficiency. Replacing Mikados or spray refills as soon as you notice a decrease in intensity is a good reflex to have. We like to change our olfactory decor like we change our socks! Varying the scents is our secret recipe so that your home always keeps that new smell, without your nose falling asleep on its laurels. It's simple: with us, every day there's a new atmosphere that tickles your nostrils!

And then, we're not here to tell you 'you have to do this or that'. No no! We know well that each house lives to the rhythm of its inhabitants, on two or four legs. So, to know when to go all out with our sprays, it's up to you. If your doggie has been acting up or if it's just the day of the big cleaning, our products adapt. It's up to you to make it smell good, just when it needs to. It is advisable to use the anti-odor spray after each odorous incident and to keep the Mikado in continuous action for a always pleasant atmosphere.

With these tips, you are now equipped to create a harmonious living space free of unpleasant odors.


Dr. Zoo Commitment to Quality and Respect for Animals

Each product is a promise – that of a fresh, clean and safe interior for you and your pets. We don't just say goodbye to odors in our home. It's all a question of ethics and respect. Each product you discover at your favorite wholesaler has passed the test with flying colors, approved by those who really know about it. That's our promise: what you use at home is gentle on your companions' noses and pads. They are at the heart of our concerns, just as they are in your lives.

Quality is also the assurance of a formula three times more powerful than other products available on the market. This exceptional performance does not compromise safety; on the contrary, it is the result of advanced research aimed at offering the best odor destroyer for pets, without compromising on their health and comfort.

We know that nothing beats a home where the air is as pure as the smiles of our little animals. That's why our sprays and deodorizers are there to put you at ease, knowing that they will make life together with your furry companions even sweeter. By trusting us, you are banking on clever products, carefully designed, which make a point of respecting the little nature of our animal friends. A healthy home begins with choosing reliable and respectful products, and that is what we are proud to offer you.


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