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Moda Server Pro: your fabric mask wholesaler!

Since the beginning of 2020 and the Covid 19 pandemic, the wearing of a respiratory protection mask has been frequent. It remains mandatory in medical places (doctors, laboratories, etc.) and is recommended in confined places such as public transport.

However, single-use, non-recyclable disposable plastic masks do not improve environmental pollution... That's why we offer another solution to your customers: reusable cloth filtration masks. As an accessory supplier, we offer you a wide selection of washable respiratory protection masks at low cost!


Cloth masks at unbeatable prices!

If surgical masks were only worn in hospitals and in Asia before the coronavirus, today they are everywhere. This personal protective equipment protects the respiratory tract from fine dust and pollutants but also prevents the transmission of germs when you have the flu, gastro or a cold.

When we speak and breathe, fine water droplets are projected, facilitating the transmission of Covid 19 but also other diseases. Wearing a mask limits the spread of the virus and protects oneself from infectious agents.

What if you offered your customers to swap their disposable mask for a reusable cloth mask? Choose from our many models those that will join the shelves of your shop. We charge low prices to allow you to benefit from an attractive margin, while offering an attractive rate to your customers!


Nice high protection filter masks!

Even if it means wearing a breathing mask, you might as well have style and limit pollution by choosing the reusable mask option. Offer your customers our models of fabric masks!

You will have the choice between different cotton masks in printed fabric in several colors: navy blue, fuchsia, coral, turquoise, ecru, purple, but especially with polka dots, stripes, flowers or liberty prints.

We also offer cork masks, with a cotton lining, made in Portugal. Available in one size, our masks will protect your customers with 95% bacterial filtration.

They comply with the European standard (EN 14683) and are washable 25 times at 60°. What are you waiting for to order?


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