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Sports bags at wholesale prices at Moda Server Pro!

Do you manage luggage storage? You sell travel bags, suitcases, laptop bags but also maybe sports bags! There are different shapes and this is what we offer on this page, at an unbeatable price thanks to our position as a supplier.

Our models of sports bags take the form of a large bowling bag, a duffel bag worn on the shoulder, a small waist bag for running, a backpack, a tote bag or still an adjustable shoulder bag.

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Which sports bag to choose?

As a reseller, you must offer attractive prices to your customers but also give them advice when they enter your store. A sports bag must be adapted to the practice of your client.

It must have a capacity adapted to the sport practiced to contain sports clothes, spare clothes, sneakers, bath towel, toiletry bag, make-up bag, bottle of water and other personal effects. We also offer bananas, practical for the mobile phone and the keys of the runners.

The sports bag is above all functional with a main compartment and side pockets. But that does not prevent it from being trendy and adapting to the style of your customers.

You will find different colors according to the desires of your customers: camel, black, gray, khaki, brown, with prints, taupe, beige, two-tone or multicolored and why not gold or ecru!


A sports bag, different uses

Our sports bags have a large central pocket and are closed with a strong zipper. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap allows a shoulder carry but there are also handles for a hand carry.

Some of our bags have an additional closed pocket on the front, protected by a flap. The compartments allow you to organize your bag well, which can then be used for something other than playing sports.

The sports bag can also be transformed into a beach bag or a travel bag for a weekend since it has the perfect capacity to carry things for two days.


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