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Moda Server Pro: your makeup accessories wholesaler

Are you looking for makeup accessories to offer to your customers in your cosmetics store? Moda Server Pro is a supplier of professional quality makeup products.

You will find a wide range of products so that your customers can achieve natural or sophisticated makeup using applicators, brushes and sponges, all at low prices to allow you to generate an attractive margin.


Beauty at a discount price thanks to makeup accessories

On our online store, you can order many essential accessories in a make-up bag for applying make-up: unify the complexion, camouflage imperfections and redness, blend eye shadow, add shades to a red lipstick or a eye shadow with intense pigments.

The ultra-soft make-up brushes are used for eye make-up to make smoky eyes or more discreet eye make-up, but also to deposit compact powder, loose powder and bronzer (in case of contouring) as well as blush on the cheeks at the level of the cheekbones.

You will also find a sponge to apply the fluid foundation more easily for an even flawless result and a glamorous nude complexion.


The best beauty products at the best price

Depending on the regular arrivals, you will find other make-up accessories such as an applicator brush for lipsticks, a lip pencil to define the contour, an eyelash curler to lengthen the lashes before mascara or make-up remover for remove makeup.

But our products are also there to enhance the rest of your clients' bodies. You will find accessories for manicure and pedicure: nail clippers, nail file, toe separator, nail polish remover... Mirrors, make-up organizers, make-up bags...

Don't wait any longer and place an order on our wholesale site for professional makeup products and accessories.


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