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Moda Server Pro: your fancy scarf wholesaler

To keep your customers warm throughout the fall-winter season, we offer you an essential accessory for their wardrobe: the shawl scarf. Our scarves for women, for men or unisex are of great quality and at unbeatable prices. In addition, you benefit from our unbeatable supplier rates!

On our B2B online store, you can find scarves for all styles: with fringes, checks, pompoms, pinstripes, polka dot print, geometric pattern, floral print or leopard print…

Our colors are varied: navy blue, beige, khaki, brown, ecru, camel, turquoise blue, mustard, coral, multicolored, old pink, light gray ... while following the ready-to-wear fashion to offer you a range of both timeless and very trendy.


Scarves to keep your customers warm

All our pieces are available in one size and are made of viscose and polyester, a synthetic material that does not itch, to stay warm without inconvenience.

More than a way to protect yourself from the cold, the scarf is a real fashion accessory that will brighten up all your clients' outfits. Fight the cold, yes, but in style!


The scarf to show off your customers' style!

So that your customers have a casual, timeless look or on the contrary an outfit at the height of refinement, order our scarves. They can be worn in different ways: your clients can tie it around the neck, roll it over their shoulders like an oversized shawl, or let it hang down either side of their neck to lengthen their figure.

The large scarf can also be wrapped around the neck to keep warm over a sweater and brighten up a down jacket while pairing perfectly with a hat with a pompom.


New scarves regularly to satisfy your customers!

Animal print, floral pattern, striped, rhinestones, sequins, tartan style, the XXL scarf can be worn from mid-season and throughout winter. By regularly renewing your collection of fashion accessories with our inexpensive brands, your customers will be able to treat themselves to a new, cozy and fluffy scarf every year (and even more!).

The big wool scarf, snood or choker for men and women is a good way to accessorize an outfit that is too classic and your customers can match it with their hats and gloves or embellish it with a brooch for even more. originality.


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