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Moda Server Pro: Your Hand Makeup Wholesaler

Do your clients dream of a perfect manicure and being beautiful to their fingertips? Offer them nail and hand beauty products in your cosmetics store.

Moda Server Pro is a supplier offering beauty products intended to sublimate all women. Our professional quality products are at discount prices, unbeatable on the wholesale market, to allow you to make an interesting margin while offering low prices to your customers.


A manicure and pedicure kit for your clients' hands and feet

Find all the aesthetic products and all the accessories necessary for the beauty of the nails of the hands and feet. Your clients will find everything they need on our online store to have beautiful nails: nail clippers, nail files, bottle of acetone remover for makeup removal, boxwood cuticle pushers, creams and nail care products. hands, toe separators for drying…

And of course, you can order nail polishes with intense pigments for long wear, transparent primer to protect damaged nails, top coat for shine, pastel colored nail polishes for natural French manicure-style nails, or more flashy color with sequins and rhinestones to make nail art.


Give advice to your clients for the care of nails and hands

Build a privileged relationship with your customers by advising them on how to take care of their hands and nails. Avoid biting your nails at the risk of making them brittle and splitting.

The application of a protective base coat is recommended to prevent the natural nail from yellowing because of the varnish. It is also essential to nourish damaged nails to harden them and make them more resistant. The nail file is always used in the same direction, avoid going back and forth which weakens the nail.

Also advise your clients to take a break between two nail polish applications to allow the nail to breathe and consolidate. What are you waiting for to order on our eshop? Also discover our mascaras, eye shadows, eyeliner, lipsticks...


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