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Moda Server Pro: your fancy umbrella wholesaler

Are you looking for original folding umbrellas to shelter your customers from inclement weather? Discover our wide range of umbrellas at low prices. Thanks to the automatic opening, more convenient than manual opening, your customers will be able to deploy their folding umbrella quickly on rainy days in the slightest downpour.

In waterproof polyester canvas, our umbrellas adapt to a large audience thanks to their varied colors: black, navy blue, beige, khaki, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, two-tone, multicolored ... There is something for everyone! Their eight ribs provide a solid frame and a large canvas size (almost a meter) under which your customers can stay dry in bad weather.

The folded umbrella is held by the strap so as not to get your customers' hands wet. In the event of strong gusts of wind, the use of an umbrella is not recommended. It is better to use the manual closing system by holding the umbrella by its ergonomic handle.


Umbrellas in lots at a low price!

By ordering your umbrellas from our wholesale online store, you are assured of excellent value for money and prompt delivery to keep all of your customers happy and shelter them in the rain.

Unlike a large cane umbrella, the umbrellas offered for sale on our e-commerce take up little space, can be stored in a case and can easily slip into a shopping bag, handbag or backpack when they are not used.


The foldable umbrella, an essential accessory against the rain!

On our wholesale supplier online store you will find umbrellas for the whole family: for men, for women and for children. The mini automatic umbrella is still prettier to wear than a poncho in the rain! Polka dot, striped or colored, the umbrella can be transformed into a real fashion accessory to match your outfit by following the latest trends.

A red umbrella to enhance a black outfit, a white umbrella to contrast with a camel jacket or an original umbrella with prints to bring a little cheerfulness on rainy days. In addition to protecting from the rain, foldable umbrellas can be found in your clients' dressing rooms.


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