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Guarantee of Excellence in the Preparation of Our Orders

At Moda Server Pro, we take your order preparation very seriously. Our commitment to quality and precision is at the heart of our logistics process. This is why every order that reaches us undergoes a rigorous verification protocol, ensuring that each product reaches its recipient without errors or omissions.


Double Check: The Key to Our Reliability

To guarantee the accuracy of each order, we have implemented a double scanning system. This process involves each item being scanned twice by two different operators. This crucial step virtually eliminates the chance of error, ensuring that each order is prepared with the utmost precision.


Zero Errors: Our Promise

You might ask yourself: is it possible for a product to be missing from an order? The answer is categorically no. Our order management system is designed so that an order cannot be validated if all products are not scanned and confirmed. In other words, if a product were to be missing, our system would immediately block validation of the order check.


An Infallible System

This strict control mechanism means that until an order is complete, it cannot leave our warehouses. Our computer system, at the heart of our logistics process, does not allow the creation of the shipping label until verification of the order is fully validated. This final step ensures that every package that leaves our warehouse is complete and ready to be delivered to our customer, without exception.


Your Trust, Our Priority

We understand the importance of receiving your order complete and on time. This is why we have invested in these quality control procedures, to provide you with a flawless experience and reinforce your confidence in our services. At Moda Server Pro, your satisfaction is our mission, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards for each of your orders.


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