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Moda Server Pro: your hat, beanie and cap wholesaler

Find many models of hats and headwear on our online store to expand the collection of caps, berets and beanies on your store stalls. There is something for everyone with multiple colors suitable for spring-summer or fall-winter collections.

Men, women and children, all your customers will find what they are looking for and can treat themselves to elegant hats to add to their wardrobe and to match according to their outfit.

Any occasion is a good time to wear hats!


Wearing a hat compulsory in all seasons!

To protect yourself from the sun or the cold, to dress up or adopt a chic, bohemian or casual style, to accessorize an outfit that is too wise, the fancy hat, a real fashion accessory, finds its place at any time of the year and at any time of the year. every occasion.

For a summery look and to protect their necks from the sun's rays, your customers will opt for a summer hat: a large straw hat with a ribbon, a multicolored bucket hat, a boater, a wide-brimmed hat, in natural straw, an oversized beach hat or a sportswear snapback cap. With sunglasses and sandals, your customers will be ready for summer!

In winter, wearing a hat does not serve as sun protection but rather protection against the cold. Depending on the arrivals, you can offer your customers a wide range of winter hats that follow the latest fashion trends: Peruvian hat that keeps you warm, wool beret with pompoms, timeless newsboy cap for men, pretty hat for men. winter for the rain, fleece hat, faux fur earmuffs, rain hat ...

For men and women, the hat becomes the essential and timeless accessory to wear in any season.


Hats and headwear: essential fashion accessories in the dressing room!

As a supplier, we offer you unbeatable prices on a wide range of original hats and headwear, both summer and winter. Don't hesitate to come back regularly to find out what's new based on weekly arrivals.

The shape of the hat and the style of hat depend on individual taste. It is for this reason that we offer a wide choice: borsalino hat, women's cap, wide-brimmed sun hat, panama hat, unisex bowler hat, felt hat… We do not yet have the top hat but we do not have the top hat. 'it's coming back in fashion, you can be sure we'll bring it to you!

You will also find many different colors of hats for men and women: dark red or purple hat, navy blue or brown hat, black or two-tone hat, white or camel hat, beige or khaki hat, pink or ecru hat, with prints, to stripes or polka dots ...

Don't hesitate: order!


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