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Moda Server Pro: Your Pajamas Wholesaler

Make your customers spend beautiful comfortable nights by choosing from our wide range of pajamas those that will join the shelves and hangers of your shop. On our online site, you will find different clothes for women and men to offer to your customers.

And on this page precisely, we present the different models of pajamas available and evolving as and when arrivals each week. You won't find better value from a vendor with super responsive customer service! Take the test...


What kind of pajamas to choose?

Originally, men and women wore the same outfit to sleep: a long nightgown. It was not until the 19th century that different styles of pajamas appeared. Depending on individual preferences, you can order different types of sleepwear for men and women.

For men, in general, the classic pants and fluid shirt or pants and light top are de rigueur. In summer, it is possible to find pajamas with a t-shirt and wide shorts to spend the night in the cool.

On the women's side, the choices are more varied: there are models similar to those of men with pants and matching pajama tops, but also babydolls, playsuits or even sets of shorts and lace camisoles.


How to choose good pajamas?

The choice of pajamas is all personal! Some will favor comfort when others will want to be classy or sexy to go to bed but also to be able to have breakfast with no shame.

During the night, body temperature drops and fluctuates. It is possible to wake up and feel cold, especially in the winter when the temperatures cool down. Wearing pajamas keeps you warm all night long.

But pajamas are also indoor clothing that you can wear in the evening when you come home from work and in the morning for breakfast with your in-laws.

Checked, striped or plain, women's or men's pajamas are available and the pieces mix and match. Advise your customers to choose a size above their usual size so as not to be tight in the stomach, especially. As for the material, it is better to bet on comfort: cotton, elastane or velvet to be warm all winter long.


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