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Moda Server Pro: your fancy ring wholesaler

Among our collection of jewelry, discover all our fancy rings on our online store! As a supplier, we offer low prices for professional resellers on a wide range of original jewelry such as rings in surgical stainless steel, in gold metal or set with zirconium stones for women.

All the latest trends are available on our jewelry wholesale site. Our wholesaler activity allows us to offer you different styles of rings at the forefront of fashion and for all occasions at discount prices. Are you looking for timeless rings or, on the contrary, original rings? You will find everything you need and much more on our resale site at wholesale prices!


The silver metal ring to satisfy all your customers!

The ring is not just for engagement and marriage. If the silver or pink gold ring is a precious and symbolic piece of jewelry, it becomes a real fashion accessory when it matches the dress style of the wearer. With studs, turquoise, beige, two-tone, bohemian, ethnic or glamorous, the ring is part of the trendy jewelry to renew according to his wardrobe.

Adjustable ring, in steel, gold-plated, with rhinestones, mother-of-pearl or adorned with natural stones… Offer your customers high quality and interchangeable fashion accessories according to their outfit. They can also match their ring with their other jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklace, etc.) using our complete sets available on our B2B online store.


New rings on your jewelry displays

Thanks to the low prices that we offer, you can regularly renew your showroom with a new collection of lovely rings.

Be at the forefront of trends by ordering our fancy steel rings in large quantities. They are solid and durable for the greatest pleasure of your customers. No minimum purchase and shipping costs fixed for France and the rest of Europe. The jewelry will be shipped from Portugal where our supplier activity is located. Take the opportunity to order other costume jewelry that will delight all your customers.


No minimum order

CUSTOMER SERVICE +33 (0)6 51 65 60 09

Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 19:30


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