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On Moda Server Pro, city backpacks for women!

Moda Server Pro is a wholesaler specializing in leather goods for professionals but also for individuals. We offer a wide collection of city backpacks for women at unbeatable prices. Our position as a supplier allows us to get you the best value for money on many models of city backpacks for fashionistas.

Discover our elegant backpacks in genuine leather, imitation leather, polyester or fabric. All you have to do is choose the type of bag that you like the most and that will complement your wardrobe!


Which women's backpack to choose?

The model of backpack you choose depends above all on the use you want to make of it. To store all your personal belongings and go on weekends, you will need a large satchel backpack with many pockets. What matters is the practicality and functionality of the backpack. If you have an adventurous and casual style, the large capacity backpack will match even more!

You can also choose to buy a women's backpack to replace your handbag or shoulder bag. The backpack is a trendy women's fashion accessory that keeps your hands free. You can then choose it in a small format, in a vintage style or on the contrary opt for a trendy backpack that can accompany you in the evenings and at festivals this summer.

You finally have the option of choosing a tote backpack for the office, with a large main compartment for your laptop and side pockets for your cell phone and other things to have close at hand.


Backpacks in all colors and materials!

Whether the backpack replaces your small handbag or your spacious tote bag, choose it according to the capacity you need but also its color and material. What do you prefer ?

A small patent leather backpack? A black imitation leather women's bag? A brown leather mini backpack? A backpack with flap and inside pockets? A briefcase-style canvas bag with several compartments to store your wallet and other belongings?

Depending on the arrivals, you will necessarily find your happiness on our online store. Our backpacks are available in different materials but also in different colors: in soft khaki, beige, camel, navy blue leather with a zipped pocket, multicolored...

You are spoiled for choice!


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