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By Victor Manuel on 11-11-2021 15:58

In winter, it can sometimes be more complicated to find out how to wear a piece of jewelry to showcase your outfits and your figure. Sweaters and cardigans are the must-have of the season...

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By José Vasco on 11-11-2021 15:38

Elenco is the result of the passion and dedication of two generations in leather goods. Starting in 1977, Elenco takes advantage of this longevity for growing know-how in terms of quality and brand strengthening.


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By Victor Manuel on 27-08-2019 18:30

An industry beneficial to salespeople in terms of profitability

Wholesale, also known as the business-to-business trade, allows professionals to own various products in large quantities and at a low price. It involves the intervention ...

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By Victor Manuel on 10-06-2019 16:08

Discover here various branded products available for a wholesale purchase

Wholesale trade is currently expanding considerably. The marketing of products in...

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By Victor Manuel on 09-06-2019 15:41

Access a variety of quality items in one place

A wholesaler, also known as a "wholesaler", is an intermediary between multiple suppliers and resellers. Professionals get their goods in large quantities at a low price for better profita...

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