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Moda Server Pro: your keychain wholesaler

Our costume jewelry wholesaler activity allows us to offer you original or timeless fashion accessories such as these novelty key rings to hang on the bunch of keys or the ring of your customers' car keys. At the forefront of fashion and the latest trends, we offer a wide range of goodies at wholesale prices.

As a reseller, you will be able to benefit from weekly arrivals at attractive prices defying any competition. Offer a new collection of key chains at low prices regularly to all your customers!

Key rings for men and women

The keyring is available both for women and men. For women, it's a fashion accessory that can be adorned with rhinestones, silver-colored beads, neon tassels or even a charm at the end of a colored leather cord. The key rings then match your customers' outfit for all occasions and can even hang from their wallet or purse to transform into bag jewelry.

For men, the keychain can be a perfect Father's Day gift. Gothic rock style, multicolored, ethnic, silicone, transparent, silver, gold or stainless steel metal, the keychain is a great gift idea and a little touch that will join a photo keychain, a bottle opener advertising keychain or a more traditional shopping cart token carabiner on a man's keyring.

We even have key chains for kids with a glittery rubber unicorn and other more childish characters.

Key rings at discount prices!

As a supplier, we can offer wholesale prices for professionals. Wholesaling allows us to offer you low prices all year round and to renew our ranges regularly.

Choose an assortment of key rings in batches to hang on a ring (turquoise, with a pompom, in brown imitation leather, with a thong ...) then order! The shipping costs are € 15 with a minimum purchase of € 100. Your order will be shipped wherever you want in Europe to be ready for resale within a few days.


From 15 € per order

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Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 19:30


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