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Wholesale steel and leather costume jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry in stainless steel, leather and fashion accessories online. Discover your jewelry and fashion accessories wholesaler, Moda Server Pro, and wholesale your products for sale and offers necklaces, bracelets, rings, orelle buckles and key chains for men and women. our first collection is in leather and metal made in Portugal in order to offer you the best price.


Discover our departments dedicated to jewelry and women's fashion

When it comes to the world of fashion, clothes are not enough. Many of us appreciate decorating our outfit with an accessory or a piece of jewelry that would add an aesthetic touch to the style we have chosen.

This is all the more true in the world of women's fashion where there is a whole range of products adapted to enhance a chosen outfit whether it is to go to class, to work or to go out.

It is for this reason that in any store operating in this market, you will most certainly find one or more departments offering accessories and jewelry items for women. These commercial entities, to satisfy their customers, must then turn to a professional capable of providing them with quality equipment at a reasonable price. This is particularly the case of Moda Server Pro, a cheap steel jewelry and accessories wholesaler based in Portugal.


Offer your customers the latest jewelry trends!

If we are, in fact, based in Portugal where we operate a large store as a wholesaler of jewelry and accessories, through our online store we also offer our services to our customers based in different countries and regions of Europe. .

Here we offer products adapted to a clientele passionate about fashion close to current trends. By purchasing from us, our customers then give consumers the opportunity to appropriate very simple objects, but also very aesthetic which will bring a real plus to their outfit.

Made in different materials, designed in various shapes, designed in a multitude of colors, the jewelry that we put at your disposal is resolutely fashionable. Your steel jewelry and accessories wholesaler makes sure to offer you current trends by regularly renewing our stock on all our shelves.


From 15 € per order

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