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Moda Server Pro: your wholesaler fancy socks

As soon as fall arrives, take out the moccasins, ankle boots and other closed shoes and put your feet warm in comfortable socks. We offer comfortable socks for your customers to wear. There is something for everyone: from thin, light and sober socks to more original, thick and warm pieces.

Our position as a supplier allows us to offer you a whole range of inexpensive and quality socks and socks so that you, as a reseller, can offer your customers a wide choice. All our pieces are in polyamide and elastane or in pure cotton for optimal comfort.


Pairs of socks designed for the whole family!

Keep the toes of the whole family warm with our packs of women's socks, knee socks, men's socks, children's socks and even baby socks from 0 to 24 months. Some pairs of cotton socks are available in one size and others are suitable for each size.

The pieces sold on our online store at low prices are made to dress all the members of the family, from the smallest to the largest. The many models will satisfy all your customers: basic and discreet socks, striped or polka dots, high or low… Your customers can even buy matching socks for the whole family!


Turn the sock into a fashion accessory

More than a way to stay warm for a cocooning moment and to avoid the friction of the shoes, putting on socks is an integral part of the outfit. Little by little, men's socks have become fashion accessories. Striped, colored, printed, socks no longer hide under clothes. They are revealed under the pants and dress the ankle and calf. Some can even match them with their cardigans!

Whether your customers prefer plain socks (navy blue, beige, khaki, light gray, brown, etc.) or multicolored, you will find everything you need on our B2B e-commerce. High socks, low socks, warm and soft socks, all the possibilities are available on Moda Server Pro. You just have to make your choice!


From 15 € per order

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