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Pack 16 Pcs felt pen 33250 - ModaServerPro
Pack 16 Pcs felt pen 33250 BROWN ModaServerPro
Pack 16 Pcs felt pen 33250 BROWN ModaServerPro
Pack 12 Pcs eyebrow pencil + brush 33238 - ModaServerPro
Pack 12 Pcs eyebrow pencil + brush 33238 BROWN ModaServerPro
Pack 12 Pcs eyebrow pencil + brush 33238 BROWN ModaServerPro

Moda Server Pro: your eyebrow pencil wholesaler

With Moda Server Pro, take advantage of wholesale prices on many eye makeup products and especially on eyebrow pencils. Indispensable to any make-up for a natural result, the long-lasting eyebrow pencil allows you to redraw and fill in the gaps.

Discover the different models of eyebrow pencils that we offer for sale, at a low price thanks to our position as a supplier, and that you can place in store for your customers.


How to choose your eyebrow pencil?

Make sure you choose the right color. Do not hesitate to guide your customers so that they are not mistaken.

There are all the colors of pencils and you have to choose a tone a little darker than the color of the hair to make up the eyebrows: a blond or dark blond pencil for a blonde or light brown, a brown pencil for brown hair, a gray or black eye pencil for brunettes.

There are different ways to make up your eyebrows:

  • The eyebrow pencil that redraws the eyebrows for a very natural effect. It is also very easy to use to draw a perfect line
  • The transparent eyebrow gel that fixes makeup for good hold
  • Eyebrow powder (like eye shadow) for a natural color but makeup will need to be touched up during the day if no fixer is applied
  • The eyebrow pomade that is applied with a brush, lasts all day and provides a sophisticated but natural result for an intense look.


How to pencil your eyebrows?

Your clients may be looking for advice on how to do their eyebrows. Here are our tips that you can share with them for eyebrow makeup.

It is essential to have impeccable eyebrow waxing with tweezers before starting, even if it means having hair waxed by an eyebrow specialist.

It is then necessary to ensure that the pencil which will be used for the restructuring of the eyebrows has the fine point well cut, otherwise it will be necessary to use a pencil sharpener.

It is advisable to start by styling the eyebrows downwards using the small comb, integrated into our eyebrow pencils. This allows you to see where the eyebrows are sparse and what needs to be structured.

Then, you will have to draw your eyebrows starting with the upper line. The highest point is located directly above the outer corner of the eye. It's time to comb the eyebrows upwards, in their natural position, to camouflage the small pencil lines previously drawn.

Next step: color the "holes" to thicken the natural look. It is possible to apply a mascara for the eyebrows in order to discipline them and have a long-lasting natural effect.

For the tail of the eyebrow, do not exceed the imaginary line between the corner of the bridge of the nose and the outer corner of the eye. For the head, go to the invisible line between the corner of the bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.

Last step: apply a white shadow under the arch of the eyebrow to accentuate the look and bring light.


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