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Moda Server Pro: Your D'Donna Makeup Wholesaler

Looking for a makeup brand that offers quality products at rock bottom prices? Discover the D’Donna brand at your Moda Server Pro supplier.

We take care of our relationships with our partners and only choose brands with a quality-price ratio that cannot be found elsewhere. Our prices are discounted to allow you to offer attractive rates to your customers while benefiting from an attractive margin.

Don't wait any longer: create your pro account and place your first order of makeup products for your shop!


A wholesale price for trendy D'Donna makeup!

Buy D'Donna makeup in bundles to save even more and stock up your inventory. On our online store, you will find packs of glosses, eyelash base, eyeliners, concealers and also lip scrubs.

If you want to test D'Donna makeup products, you can also buy them individually: lip gloss, eye shadow, concealer, brown or black eyeliner and eyelash primer.


D'Donna makeup for happy customers!

When your customers come to your store, they are obviously looking for competitive prices on a wide range of makeup. But they also come to find advice on how to put on make-up.

Be there to help them choose from the many D'Donna makeup products and other makeup brands you offer. To best support them, we recommend that you arrange your shelves according to the products on offer:

  • A department dedicated to eye makeup with base for eyelashes, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows, eye shadows, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, kohl
  • A department for complexion make-up: concealer, foundation, highlighter, blush, blusher, loose powder, sun powder, bronzer...
  • A section for lip make-up: lip scrub, lipstick, gloss, lip liner...
  • A department for nail make-up: nail files, nail clippers, nail polish, toe separators, nail polish removers...
  • A section for accessories: make-up brushes, sponges, cotton balls, tweezers...

You will also find all these make-up and skincare items on our online store if you want to replenish your stocks and test new products. Take a look at our e-shop and place an order without delay!


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