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Eye shadows U58CSO10 - ModaServerPro
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Eye shadows U58CSO10 M1 ModaServerPro
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Pack 12 Pcs eye shadows 794315 M1 ModaServerPro
Pack 12 Pcs eye shadows 794315 M1 ModaServerPro

Moda Server Pro: your wholesaler for Cliché cosmetics brand

Do you run a beauty and makeup store? Looking for a cosmetics supplier for top quality brands at low prices? You have come to the right place! At Moda Server Pro, we choose cosmetics and makeup brands for you with the best quality/price ratio.

Meet Cliché, our cosmetics brand which offers varnishes, lipsticks, as well as perfumes and eau de toilette at low prices. The idea? Helping you offer attractive prices to your customers while keeping a nice margin for you.


Cliché brand nail polishes

The Cliché brand is a hit especially thanks to its nail polishes, top quality but inexpensive! On our site, there are plenty of colors to discover to please all your customers. From classic red, to deep black, without forgetting greens, blues, purples, pinks, and even flashy and glittery. There is something for every taste !

You will have the choice on our e-shop! Our Cliché brand nail polishes have a fluid texture and are easy to apply with the brush. Your clients will be able to easily apply their nail polish without being a pro manicure!

The applicator brush leaves no trace on the nail and the varnish has an interesting coverage, even if it is advisable to apply two coats for an optimal result. Polishes provide a good hold (4-5 days) without stopping your clients from living their lives!


Cliché brand lipsticks

The Cliché brand also offers lipsticks so that your customers adopt a glamorous mouth, typical of "French charm". Our lipsticks are sold in sets of 24 tubes of 5 different colors to offer your customers a choice.

From intense red to soft pink, including sparkling coral and fashionable brown... At Cliché, our lipsticks come in all colors and finishes, matte or shiny. There is something to match every style, every desire and every skin tone of your clients.

Start advising your clients on the choice of their lipstick! If they have a fair complexion, orange-red, fuchsia pink or even pale pink will look great on them. On the other hand, it is better that they move on from colors that are too dark. For girls with tanned skin, it's time to let loose with striking shades, like a beautiful vibrant red, a neon pink or a pop orange. And of course, we don't forget the beautiful golden and brown shades. For dark skin, anything goes!


Cliché eau de toilette and perfumes are great choices at low prices!

We have selected for you lots of perfumes and eau de toilette from Cliché, and all at super attractive prices. There's something to please everyone, men and women, with our 100ml bottles. They are beautifully packaged, just to give a little pep to your displays.

Cliché is the perfect solution for those of you looking to enrich your store with quality and affordable perfumes. Each of these olfactory treasures is carefully packaged in its own little package, ready for your customers to embrace.


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