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Moda Server Pro: your wholesaler for watch tools and watch batteries

Moda Server Pro is a supplier of leather goods, jewelry and accessories. We offer you as a wholesaler of watches at an unbeatable price-quality ratio for your customers but also the watch accessories that ensure their proper functioning.

Our rates are low to allow you to offer an attractive price to your customers while having an attractive margin as a reseller. Discover our repair kits for watches and our watch batteries to be placed on the shelves of your shop in order to repair your customers' wrist jewels (and always at wholesale prices).

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A wholesale price for watch tools and watch batteries!

When your customers push the door of your shop, they want to buy but also seek advice. Highlight the watch repair kit with all the tools needed to open the watch and change the battery.

This will allow you to make additional sales. Also highlight the boxes for watches and offer a decreasing price if a customer buys several watches: wooden watch, classic watch, watch with rubber strap, stainless steel watch, leather watch...


Give advice to your customers: how to change a watch battery

You can offer an in-store demo to help your customers. You must first open the watch using the tool kit. If the digital watch has a screwed back, you will need to use the adjustable case opener. Simply position the tool on the notches and turn gently to open the watch at a wholesale price.

If the mechanical watch has a clipped back, advise your customers to use a watchmaker's knife in order to pry and be able to remove the back of the watch.

You must then remove the casing ring and the used battery using tweezers or tweezers if not available (which you can also order from our supplier e-shop). Finally, place the new battery, replace the casing ring and close the case.

On the screwed back, you must start by screwing it in by hand then use the adjustable case opener to tighten it properly. To close the case with the clipped bottom after changing the battery, you must use a bracket and exert pressure to refit the bottom.

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