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Watches from the cork collection with your fashion supplier

Discover the watches made with cork bracelets, on the online store Moda Server Pro, your wholesaler of trendy fashion accessories.


Choose unusual fashion accessories thanks to the cork collection

The watch is an integral part of everyday clothing and you can discover this fashion accessory in various models, shapes and colors. Our online store Moda Server Pro offers this article with different dials accompanied by cork bracelets. This material gives a natural look to the garment or an accessory with its woody tint, moreover it brings a lot of originality to the whole of an outfit.

If you are looking for a trendy product that will go perfectly with all styles, discover all the selections of items made with this raw material that is cork. The watch is an object that is worn throughout the day, it must be comfortable to wear in addition to being the essential element that will complete the outfit.

Find in the online storefront of your Moda Server Pro wholesaler a range of elegant, chic and ultra-trendy watches.


Discover the cork collection of our online storefront

Your supplier of trendy fashion items, Moda Server Pro offers a wide range of cork watches. They are designed with bracelets in this vegetable raw material and a buckle to close it. You can find models for men and women with dials offering different designs.

The contact of cork against the skin is most pleasant when it is worn, this green and sustainable fashion will be most appreciated and will contribute to the preservation of the planet. Get your chosen models by matching them perfectly with the style of your store through your online wholesaler.

Be sure to find all the other products in the cork collection, as well as trendy watches and designs, available on our online store of fashion accessories Moda Server Pro.


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