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Wholesale cork shoes

Cork shoes wholesaler from Portugal, Our specialty is to provide quality shoes direct manufacturer from Portugal. Discover our collections of shoes, flip flops, slippers, slippers and sandals for men and women.


Discover the cork collection with trendy and trendy shoes

Cork is known to be a comfortable material and pleasant to the touch and you can discover the shoes made of this material also known as vegetable leather. Our online wholesaler Moda Server Pro offers a variety of models for men and women.

Discover the different types of models for all tastes on the window of your wholesaler and thanks to the pleasant texture of cork you can adopt it every day. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor cork shoe, select a variety of styles that will match your store perfectly. Cork being a natural material and coming from the bark of a tree, it allows you to choose ethical and eco-responsible items.

The quality and resistance of this material are ideal for making bags, belts or even jewelry, also available from your fashion accessories supplier.


A range of chic and elegant cork shoes

Shoes are an integral part of every person's daily life and we seek quality, comfortable products that demonstrate strength and durability. All these criteria can be found in shoes made from cork.

Cork is an extensible material which returns to its initial shape and therefore does not undergo deformation. Be chic and trendy with the shoes from the cork collection, easy to maintain, they provide real comfort to the feet. The waterproofness and flexibility of this hypoallergenic material are the assets that make wearing these shoes pleasant. This collection contributes to the development of a green fashion which favors natural materials in the making of fashion items.

Be sure to find all models of shoes made from cork at your online supplier of fashion accessories and leather goods.


From 15 € per order

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