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Wholesale cork accessories

Wholesale cork accessories at low prices located in Portugal. Discover our collection of accessories, pens, umbrella, tie, bow tie, eyeglass cases, pencil case, mirror and objects with cork.


Discover the trendy cork accessories from our new collection

If you are looking for fashion accessories made from a natural and eco-responsible material, you can discover all the products available at your Moda Server Pro online wholesaler. Among all the items you will find in our online storefront, such as shoes, bags and more, discover other cork accessories as well.

Cork is considered in the fashion world as the new trendy material. It offers a natural appearance thanks to its wood color and its stretchable and malleable texture allowing to design various articles. Your supplier of cork accessories offers ties, bow ties or bookmarks, offering an original design.

The varied use of cork can offer a wide choice of products to display in your store that will perfectly match the style of the store.


Choose originality and chic with cork accessories

The accessories of the cork collection have been carefully selected by our boutique for professionals and to bring originality and freshness to the fashion world. The advantages of cork are numerous, between its resistance, its solidity, its durability or its hypoallergenic property.

Thanks to your online supplier Moda Server Pro, you will be able to participate in the preservation of the planet with these ethical articles. This 100% ecological material, which has become trendy, will offer more than chic or a trendy style, while being renewable and vegetal. You will discover useful and functional objects such as pocket mirrors, diaries or even jewelry boxes.

Do not miss to find all the articles of the cork collection on the window of your Moda Server Pro online wholesaler as well as all the trendy and original accessories for your store.


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